Tuesday, November 9

Starting On Christmas

You will have to excuse the picture quality. I think there is something wrong with my camera and it is not that old. Then again maybe it is the user. I better check the manual. The picture is a bit yellow I think.

It has been so nice to get back to making cards again. I decided it was time to get a start on my Christmas Cards. I would really like to sell alot of them this year. I was too late last year and sold none.

Christmas cards are my favorite to make. I just wish that I could spend more time coloring but for now I am trying to make my cards with little to no coloring.

This card is make using some DP from SU from last year. I just love the colors. I think they really look good together.

This year I found it hard to get some Christmas Paper that I was happy with so me and my friend Kelly had to order most of our paper online. I find the paper selection this year at Michael's wasn't that much and the patterns are just too large. I find most of the patterned papear the images area too big and I don't do scrapbooking so there is alot of wastage. I did get some awesome paper today thanks to Kelly. I am hoping to get to use it really soon.

I have a number of cards to show you over the next few days.

Must get back at making more before it gets too late.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

1 comment:

Kelly Bee said...

cute! As for your camera...try re-setting the white balance if it has one.

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