Friday, May 8

Happy Birthday Month!

This month is the one of the year that there are so many birthdays. Mine is one of them next week. Can't believe that I will soon be 47. Where did that time go. Seems like only yesterday that I was only 20 something. I have to say that I don't feel 47 though. Which is a good thing. My daugher and step daughter also have birthdays this month. Actually today is my step daughter Nikita's birthday. She is 22 today.

I am not sure who I will be giving this card to yet but I just loved this image when I saw it.

A short time ago me and my friend Kelly placed an order with Whipper Snapper together as their shipping is way too expensive. Works for me. I am so glad to have some new image to color. In case you never knew, I just love to color. Stamping just gives me the excuse to keep doing it.

Hope to see you again real soon.

Take care and enjoy the weekend.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's out there.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, May 7

Anita's New House!

Been awhile since I have been on here. I kinda lost my mojo as I have been so busy trying to lose weight that I guess it has consumed me. It sure is alot of work but well worth it I think. To date I have lost 21.6 lbs. I am very pleased with my results. I joined Weight Watchers. It worked for me before so there is absolutely no reason why it won't now. I will let you know more of my progress as I go on.

I made this card for my friend Anita who recently purchased a new home. Anita and her family have been a part of my life now for over a year. I met Anita through an email. She sent me an email to tell me that my online friend of many years Dave Knuth had passed away. Ever since that I have been chatting back and forth on emails. I just wanted to show her how happy I am for her finally being able to get a bigger home that she had wanted for such a long time. Anita has become a wonderful friend. My only regret is that I never knew her when her brother Dave was alive. He would have loved for us to be friends. Strange how things work out sometimes.

I had this wheeel for a long time now and this is the first time that I made anything with it. I really like it.

I hope Anita likes her card.

I will be back tomorrow night with another card that I finished this evening.

Enjoy the sun!
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