Tuesday, September 15

Wow! Can't Believe How Long It Has Been!

This is the first card that I have made in a long time. It feels so good to be back at stamping again. I have really missed it.

I made this Thank You for my husband to give to someone he did house plans for. He was pleased with how it turned out. I really should have gotten this done for him a couple of months ago and god love him he never kept nagging for me to get it done he would just give me a small hint from time to time. Thank you Ev for that.

I bought this stamp set months ago from Whipper Snapper. My friend Kelly and I placed our order together so we could save on the shipping. It is expensive for us to order from there. That way we both win. I really liked this set from the first time I saw it on their site.

Sorry this is short and sweet but I have had a very long day and am ready for some shut eye.

Will be back real soon with another card to share with you.

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