Tuesday, November 27

Another Christmas Ornament!

Been busy lately and really never had time to do much stamping or anything but last night I decided to try and find and image that would fit on these tree ornaments. I bought these at Michael's awhile ago but just could not come up with an image that I was happy with on it.

I checked through all my Christmas stamps last night and decided to try and use two of the three ornaments that were on this penguin stamp. Then I used this little snowflake that I had gotten at stampcamp while ago.

I colored the ornmanet with sharpie markers. They are wonderful for this kind of coloring.

This is so cute and makes me smile... what do you think?

Saturday, November 17

Christmas Cardinal Glass Bulb!

Finally got a chance to use this georgous set called Christmas Cardinal. I bought this a few month ago on Splitcoast Buy and Sell. It is a set that I have always regretted not buying when it was out in the Mini last year. I was so pleased to be able to finally get it.

I colored this window sheet again with Sharpie Markers. I am really pleased with how it turned out and think that I will definately be making more of these.

Last year I made alot of bulbs but went through all the trouble or coloring the window sheets with craft paint and it took forever to finish one. This time it took only a few short minutes and it dried instantly so I could do it all in one day. It is so nice to find something that saves you time like the Sharpies did for me.

What do you think of this one.

I am pleased with how it turned out and there will definately be one of these on my tree this year.
Fluffles Ornament!

I got some of these ornaments at Michael's awhile go and finally got some time to play with them. I had to use my Fluffles stamps. I just love these. I think I have said it before but they remind me of my cat Smokey. She is fluffly just like Fluffles.

I colored the Fluffles In Lights Stamp with my Sharpie Markers that I got at Staples yesterday.

I tried to color Fluffles but it just never looked right so I just erased it and of course started over.

I am pleased with how this turned out though.

What do you think?
Simple and Fun!

This card was so easy to make. I am having so much fun using my cuttlebug snowflake embossing folder. It goes with so many stamps and wheels that I have.

I am still working on cards to give my sister to see if she can sell them for me at her work. I thought this one would add nicely to the collection.

Working on some more Christmas decorations that hopefully I will get finished today and then post to show you later today or tomorrow.

Have a great day

Come back soon!!

Wednesday, November 14

Christmas Snowglobe!

I finally got this snowflake embossing folder in the mail today. I saw so many beautiful things done with it that I just had to have one. I also got this set last weekend at Michael's for 1/2 price. Gotta love those coupons.

I haven't posted before this as I have been sick with the flu once again. I don't think that I had the flu so often as I have this year. In our household we just can't seem to get past it for some reason.

I am feeling much better now though. Hopefully this time it will be gone for awhile.

I think this card is cute... what do you think?

Good night... sleep tight..don't let the bedbugs bight.


Saturday, November 10

This Week's Sketch Challenge!

Made this card for the weekly card sketch on Splitcoast found here

This one came together quickly and it was fun making it. These stamps I got last year at Wal-Mart. They were great set. You get three stamps for $4.96. One 3 X 3 and 2 1.5 x 1.5. Great price don't you think. I have been at Wal-Mart a couple of times this year and still haven't found any new ones but I will keep checking.

I used patterned paper that I bought last year at Wal-Mart too. Love the patterned paper. It makes everything so easy.

Snowmen have to be my favorite stamps to work with for Christmas. There is just something about them that make me smile.

What do you think of this one??

Friday, November 9

On A Roll!

Wow here I am again. I can't believe that I am posting another card. I must be on a roll lately or something because I have sat down every single night and made a card. That is the first time in a long time for me. I must say that I am really enjoying it too. Hopefully I can keep it up.

I made this card using the Crayon Resist Technique and used one of my favorite sets, Lovely as a Tree. There is just something about the stamp used on this card that makes me happy. I looks like a happy tree. Yes I know that is strange but true.

I used glossy paper to stamp the tree so I could use the white crayon. I always like how these turn out.

Thanks so much for dropping by.

Have a good night

Sleep Tight.

Thursday, November 8

Another Thomas Kinkade!

Here is another Thomas Kinkade card that I made. I am going to have to make more as I think that I am going to try and sell some of these for sure. My younger sister is going to try and sell some of these at her work for me and I am hoping that this will be a good seller. I think that it will.

What do you think??

I was having alot of trouble with these Kinkade images as I was never satisfied with the detail on it. I asked the great people on Splitcoast Stampers what they thought that I could do and I had so many excellent ideas but in the end the one that worked for me was to lightly sand the rubber a bit and dada.... it worked. I was so relieved. I just had to make another one right away.

I colored it with my primsacolor pencils and used my taltine to blend the colors. Used my corner punch to add a bit of detail. Put some glitter on the snow to add some great sparkle and then I put a page protector over the image. to stay away from bows should it could be a bit masculine maybe. Anyway I am pleased with how it turned out.

Tuesday, November 6

Another Fluffles!

I thought that after I posted my last card that I was getting ready to go to bed but I couldn't. I had this idea is my head and I just had to see it through tonight. I remember having a 1.50 stamp from Michael's with tree lights on it and immediately I thought of using it with this Fluffles. My daughter Staci pointed this Fluffles out to me one night when we were at Michael's. Of course I just had to have it.

Used a bit of crystal effects on the lights on the card and used my good old giga rectangle punch. I just love those.

Anyway I am off to bed now for real

Sleep tight. I should now

Good Night
Retro Fluffles

Another Christmas card. Anytime I can use a Fluffles I will because they have to be one of my favorites. I am a big lover of cats and the Fluffles Stamps remind me so much of my cat Smokey. Smokey looks round like Fluffles but it is definately not a weight problem. She is just very fluffy.

I am not used to using colors like this for Christmas but I guess they will grow on me. I am more of a traditional person.

What do you think.

Good night.

Sunday, November 4

Finally Starting Work On Christmas!

I bought this stamp while ago at Michael's and finally decided to dust it off this morning and see what I could come up with. I made one of these glitter windows at stamp class a few months ago and when we did I thought that it would be perfect for Christmas cards. I am pleased with how this came out.

The dp I bought last year at Michael's but do find that it is hard to match as it is such an off color blue. I managed to match it with this paper but it is not really what I wanted but I will do.

I am going to start to make some Christmas cards this year to sell. I have a couple of people are willing to take them to their work for me.

Do you think this one will be a good seller???

Have a great Sunday!!

Saturday, November 3

My 1st MFT!

Finally got some MFT stamps and have to say that I am quite pleased with how easy they are to use. Not so pleased with how they don't come completely clean after you use them though. I am a stickler for my stamps being clean and with these I guess it is just something that you have to live with.

I used my SU patterned paper and also So Safron and Regal Rose. I am pleased with how this one turned out and will definately be using them again.

This card I did for a Card Sketch challenge on Splitcoast Stampers found here

Why don't you play along.

Have a great day.

Happy Stamping.

Friday, November 2

Paper Bow!

This is a paper bow that I did this evening using the new Basic Grey paper called Figgy Pudding. This particular pattern is called Shiver. I think it is cute. I had alot of fun making this but it took more time than I thought that it would. I think next time will be better but I never completely read the instructions over before I started in at it. I used to think that it was the male thing to do or not do so to speak. lol

The pattern for this can be found here.

Try it and let me know where to see yours.

Have fun.

Good night.

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