Monday, November 8

Back In the Saddle Again and Copic Certification

Well I am finally getting back to making some cards again. Am doing much better and I am back to work part time right now. I have made a few cards that I am hoping to show you over the next few days. Hope you come back and take a look.

Copic Certification

I have been emailing a representative from Copic asking that we have a Copic Certification Class in St. John's, Newfoundland and I was advised that if I can get 25 people interested then they would consider coming here and doing a class.

So if you are from Newfoundland and intested in becoming Copic Certified then please contact me by leaving a message or by email.

So far the copic people are going as far as Halifax for classes. We are really hoping to get them to come a little further so that we can learn more about those awesome markers. If you have used them then you know how awesome they are.

Enjoy the rest of your evening

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