Tuesday, June 22

I am sorry that I haven't been back in awhile but I have been dealing with some things. I have been having alot of problem with numbness in my left arm. I find the more I use it the worse it gets. I had this before and it went away. I am really hoping that this time it will just go away also.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. For us her in Newfoundland we really thought that the weather was improving Easter time as the temperatures were way above normal but it seems lately the only thing you can say about the weather is that it just sucks. We all long for such a nice summer when we can get together with friends and have bbq's etc and maybe even go for a nice walk. Hopefully before the summer is over we will get some weather that we can enjoy. I just hate being stuck inside. We do enough of that in the winter. Anyway, enough about the crappy weather. .

I bought this set at Saleabration time. This is the first time that I got to use it. I really like how the paper matches the stamp set. So nice when you can get things for free. I just love that. I made this card as a thank you card to give to my Dad for doing something really special for us . He really like it and I got a chance to do a bit more stamping as well. I actually got up on Father's Day at 7:20 in the morning and never came out of my stamproom until 11:30. I made three cards. Amazing how quickly time goes when you are working on cards. This is also the first time that I used the in color paper from SU. I really like them. I will be back again tomorrow with the first of two Father's Day cards that I made for my Dad and DH.

Enjoy your day !

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Kelly Bee said...

nice to see you back again! Cute card...I love the stamps and the paper (bring them with you next time we get together!!!)

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