Sunday, December 28

Staci's Christmas Card!

I made this card for my daughter Staci. It is a little out of the box for me as it is so busy but I knew that she would like it. She was quite pleased with it. For me it is just too busy and not really my style but it is nice to do things that are different sometimes.

Snoopy is just so sweet. Everyone loves Snoopy and when I saw this card at Michaeal's a while ago I thought about Staci right away.

Well tomorrow is the dreaded day for me. Back to work. YUCK. I really don't want to go back yet. I would love to have a few more days but then after that I probably would like a few more. Oh well only working three days then off for four. That will keep me going this week.

I guess many of you are going back to work also. At least it will be a short week so we have that to look forward to.

Enjoy your day.


Lorie said...

This is completely adorable...I can see why your daughter liked it! Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck on winning a stamp set!

Cheryl said...

Too very cute Karen!

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