Saturday, December 27

Ev's Christmas Card!

I made this card for my dh for Christmas. I bought these stamps a little while ago with the intentions of using it for him. It reminds me so much of our dog Lilly who is a Golden Labrador and our cat Alex. The only difference is that Alex has a bob-tail. I should have only stamped half the tail. Oh well, better luck next time. Ev was happy with how it turned out and so was I.

Have you done all your Christmas visiting yet? I have done all that I want to do and now I am just going to sit home and relax and take it easy.

I have more cards to show you so I will be back tomorrow with another one.

Enjoy your evening.


Belle said...

Loved the card!!! We used to have a manx cat when I was growing up at home and my husband and I both love yellow labs. We have a border collie and a mastiff...don't ask!!!

Andrea said...

Oh wow, a beautiful card.

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