Tuesday, October 28

Anyone Need A Christmas Card!

I went over to my friend Kelly's (Kellybee) on Sunday and the idea was that we were going to get together and make 20 cards. In preparation for tht day both me and Kelly cut out some shapes with our cuttlebug and good old nesties. We both cut out 20 and then we also had our cardstock ready to go. We had both really hoped that we would get a good start on our Christmas Cards but when me and Kelly get together we tend to chat too much and not do as much work as we want to and as usual this was the case. I also had to make a mess all over myself with flue and Kelly beautiful covered chairs. I was trying to use my new bottle of Martha Stewert glue and when it wouldn't run like I just squeezed the side of the glue and of course you know what happened next. The glue went up in the air, all over my hair, shirt and pants and then dripped over Kelly chair. I felt so bad. We managed to put my clothes in the washer and Kelly was kind enough to lend me some clothes to wear. Thank goodness Kelly saved the day by getting the glue out of my clothes and her covered chair. That set us back for a bit so we only managed to get 4 cards done.

This is the first two. We each got to play with the others new Christmas stamps.

I had a great afternoon Kelly. Thanks so much.

We will have to try it again.

I will definately get the 20 done. You will see.

See you soon

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nitestamper said...

these are super CUTE cards !!!!!i love the colors, the layout and cute images !!!!!!tfs:)

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