Tuesday, December 18

More Christmas Ornaments!

I hope you are not sick of looking at all the ornaments that I have been making. I made these for my daughter to give to her teachers. I hope they like them.

I always find the images that I one these are not as easy as one may think. I have tried to many images but only a few that I have been happy with. I think Fluffles is my favorite though. I haven't seen a Fluffles stamp yet that hasn't been able to make me smile.

The Flaky friends ornament is my all time favorite so far. The penguin is so cute though too.

Tell me what you have been up to for Christmas and how your plans are coming.
I am on holidays now till the 27th and I am going to sit back and enjoy my family for awhile. I don't think that we ever do enough of that.

Happy Shopping

Take care


Debby Winters said...

Great Ornament's Karen!!!
I think the flakey friends is one of my all time favs

Kim Hughes said...

VERY COOOOOL ornaments!!!

I tagged you :)

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