Wednesday, November 14

Christmas Snowglobe!

I finally got this snowflake embossing folder in the mail today. I saw so many beautiful things done with it that I just had to have one. I also got this set last weekend at Michael's for 1/2 price. Gotta love those coupons.

I haven't posted before this as I have been sick with the flu once again. I don't think that I had the flu so often as I have this year. In our household we just can't seem to get past it for some reason.

I am feeling much better now though. Hopefully this time it will be gone for awhile.

I think this card is cute... what do you think?

Good night... sleep tight..don't let the bedbugs bight.


1 comment:

Debby Winters said...

Very cute card Karen! Love the snow globe and of course the bunny! I do have a think for bunnies!

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