Tuesday, August 7

Today I decided that it has been way too long since I updated my blog. There are a few reasons for that. First of all I have no camera to take pictures of my cards so therefore I haven't been doing many. My camera is broken and has been in the shop for 5 weeks now. It doesn't pay to have only one camera repair store in town.

I love the summer so much but I do find that there is always so many things that need to be done that we spend all of our summer doing those and hardly any time enjoying the summer. This summer me and my hubby have put a deck on the front of our house so we can enjoy the weather both front and back now. Hopefully if I ever get my camera back I can post a picture of it. We also have a vegetable garden in a community plot that we are tending to. All of this is wonderful to be at but it sure doesn't give us alot of time to be enjoying the summer. Before we know it it will be over.

On another note ... this morning I was visiting my best friend Debby's Blog and she had something cute on there that I thought I would give it a try.

All you do is go to google and put your name in and then type "NEEDS" after it and see what comes up. Here are some of things that it says that I need and some of them are quite appropriate.

Karen needs to grow up! (I am having too much fun for that)

Karen needs a new job! (boy is that a true fact. Maybe this will bring me good luck)

Karen needs to compliment her workers! (too funny if you know what type of job and the situation that I am currently working under)

Karen needs a new blog! (and I thought this one was fine)

Karen needs some gin! (I do confess that there are times when I could use a stiff drink but don't think that I would ever pick gin)

Karen needs
to stay! (stay where we are not sure)

Karen needs new batteries! (ok that can be arranged)

Karen needs a facial! (sounds like something that I might enjoy)

Karen needs to wear her school uniform! (I don't think that one will be happening. The last uniform that I wore was brown and blue and it was aweful) Yuck!

This was fun so why don't you give it a try. You can send me the link so I can look at yours.

Thanks so much for reading.

Have a great day

1 comment:

Debby Winters said...

Too funny Karen! And...yes, some are quite appropriate!

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