Saturday, February 21

Spring Is Coming!

Or should I say that I hope it is. I have had enough of winter now and can't wait for Spring. The only problem here living in Newfoundland is that we don't have much of a spring at all. So I decided to bring some beautiful colors together and think of the possibilities.

I am just so happy today. Last week me and my daughter Staci joined Weight Watchers together and today was our first weight in and I am so glad to say that I lost five pounds. I was just so happy that I could have screamed when I saw my weight on the scale. It wasn't that bad and I made it through week one. Hurray for me. Never hurts to boost one's ego sometimes. We all need that. Anyway that is enough about me.

I bought some watercolor paper last week from Michael's and this was my first time using it. I must say that I am so pleased with it. It is cold pressed and the whole pad only cost me $7.99 at Michael's without a coupon. Not bad I don't think.

I used my reinders and stamping write markers for this along with my Aquapainter and I am pleased with my coloring but there is still more practice needed. I am having fun though. That is the main thing and I get to color. Gee who would have thought that you could say that when you are an adult and get away with it. I always loved to color. Now I have such a good reason for it.

This is a new stamp that I bought from Michael's. It is part of the Easter collection of 1.50 stamps. By the time that I got there most of them were gone though but I thougt this one was cute.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Enjoy what is left of it and I will be back again soon.

Take care



KanataNewf said...

I hear you Karen! I'm originally from Newfoundland (Grand Bank) and remember our wet winters. Now I'm in our nation's capital and LONG for the warmer winters at home! Can you believe that? And I've been here for 17 years! I love your card and am going to HAVE to pay a visit to Michael's now to see if I can find this cute little stamp.

Jane Wetzel said...

What adorable cards!!! love this bug!

kellybee said...

weigh to go, Karen! (and you almost didn't buy that ladybug!) Keep up the good work with WW.

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