Sunday, April 20

Blogger Award!

I have to say Wow! to Kelly over at Handmade by Kellybee as she thought that my blog deserved an award. For that I am truly touched. It is so nice when fellow bloggers think that your work deserves an award. Tks so much Kelly. I feel honoured.

I guess we all like a bit of recognition for the hard work that we put into our blog and designs.

This is called the “Arte Y Pico” award.

I took these rules straight from Kelly's Blog. Cut and paste is wonderful.

There are some rules to follow if you accept the award and I hope I get them all straight:

1. You have to award it to five other people (based on creativity, design, interesting material and contribution to the blogging community)

2. You have to name the 5 people you chose and link their blogs.

3. You have to show the award and show the name/link of the person who gave you the award.

4. You must show the link of the “arte y pico” blog so readers can visit there to learn the origin of the award. The website is in Spanish so I translated it (with help from Google, of course - Newfoundlanders are not generally known for learning Spanish as a second language!) and take a quick browse through.

I nominate the following people for the award:

1. Debby over at Through my Stamproom Window

2. Lori Barnett over at Stamp Scents

3. Kelly over at Kelly's Art Journaling

4. Leah over at All Th!ngs {PR!SS}y.

5. Julie over at Out To Impress

Tks again Kelly for nominating me.

Have a great day!


Julie Koerber said...

Thanks so much Karen! That is so sweet of you! I have to say, I really LOVE your Cuttlebug card. How pretty! I'll have to try that technique.
Take care & thanks again!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Thanks Karen, I am truly honored. You are so sweet. Blessings to you.

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