Sunday, March 23

Riley's 1st Easter

I finally got a chance to work on an Easter card and I dont' think I will get many more done tomorrow. I have had a bad neck ever since Tuesday when I woke up. I managed to color this one last night and then finish it tonight. I have to say that I love the bright colors and the way that this turned out. I think I am going to give it to my daughter Staci for Easter. She will like it I think.

This is the first Riley stamp that I ordered from Hanna Stamps. They are just so cute. I have another Easter one with a check and Riley and hopefully I will get to finish that card tomorrow so I can post it. Stay tuned and see if I manage to get it done.

Hope you all have a blessed Easter. Try not to eat too much chocolate tomorrow won't you! Wink * wink** If you are like me that will be quite difficult.

Have a nice evening :-)

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