Friday, September 7

Never finished any cards lately so I thought that it was time that I at least posted something to let people know that I am still around.

I guess there are just too many times that life takes over and we don't get the chance to do all the things that we love to do. Recently had computer problems also. Our computer kept shutting down and then the other night my dh was doing some drawings on auto-cad and the whole thing just shut down and there was nothing that we could do about it. We ended up phoning a company called Nerds on Site and they come to your house and they were the saviors of the day and fixed it for us. Turned out it was the power source was gone.

On another note ...

I guess I may be a bit behind but I discovered today that I could make an avatar of my very own on Yahoo. It took awhile to get it the way that I like it but I thought that it was fun. Tell me what you think???


Kelly Bee said...

Good to see you're still around! I think your avatar looks a lot like mine! (you'd have to find me on facebook to see it...) I have the more "robust" body type on my avatar though...I wonder why?

Debby Winters said...

You avatar is so cute Karen! I definitely have to try this too!

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